The Pain of Homelessness and Poverty

It is cold as fuck outside. I have 8 blankets and a sleeping bag. Not to mention I am wearing a shirt, two jackets, jeans, a pair of stockings, socks, and shoes. No human should have to live like this. After all, weren’t we born into and destined for greatness? I personally had no idea that greatness entailed severe hunger and sleeping in the elements, exposed to poisonous bug bites and random drug-deal gunshots. Greatness shouldn’t be life threatening. Greatness should NOT be painful. Yet every time my finger strikes a key, the pain in my stomach reminds me that nothing in this life is great. Never has been without a struggle, and seemingly never will be.


Please Help

I am 5 months pregnant, and placing my baby for adoption. My apartment through the agency will be ready in April. I need help to stay off the streets and be able to eat for the month of March. I was homeless but have managed to stay off the streets for a month now and would like to keep it that way. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Even if you just reblog my post, so the word gets out.

White Eyelashes

The lampshades are on fire. I feel it in my bones. My soul has disappeared and there’s a disaster in the sky. Hell reached her hand down from the cloud and ripped the trees from their roots. The birds are flying into my ears. The little boy fell into the whirlpool. The fish swam into his veins and drank all of his blood.

Open your eyes, life.